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  • Kō Restructuring and Discord Channel 04/29/21

    April 29, 2020 Update on Kō Caps' affairs
  • PrismaCat Update 09/04/19

    With September 6th approaching quickly, we've finally settled on these 3 colorways. Inspired by the sky, there aren't better examples of color e...
  • Production for PrismaCat sale has begun! 08/29/19

    With the conclusion of our Blissful Lucky Cat sale we've begun production on a number of gorgeous colorways for our upcoming PrismaCat sale! It's t...
  • SA Bliss Update 08/24/2019

    SA Bliss owner exclusive!
  • Maneki (White) Update + News 08/21/2019

    Shipping for Maneki (White) has concluded and production for SA Bliss collab has begun!