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Kō Restructuring and Discord Channel 04/29/21

These past few months have been rather silent from us here at Kō. Many decisions have been made in order to maintain the brand that I had initially envisioned. I will not lie when I say that it become more of a chore rather than the passion I once had for making keycaps but I can say that steps have been taken to revive Kō into what I hope it could become.

From new logos to new business practices, I'm hoping that we can make a brand for ourselves that we can be proud of and can consistently provide caps that you guys can be excited for! 

We're also happy to announce that we've made a Discord server as a central hub for any Kō related information you might need and as a way to contact me or any of the members from Kō. We'll be able to solve any issues immediately and will have access to steady communication. If you'd like to join our Discord server, follow the link in the header of our website!