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About Us

Kō Caps is an artisan keycap brand run by Kristy and I (who I admit, is not really interested in keyboards) as a hobby to enjoy together. She loves to paint, she loves art, and this was my only way to express creativity. I am not a painter and I am not a very creative type. She helps me see the joy of it all and we love making caps together. She is the designer of the Kōna and Lucky Cat which surprised me since she has no background with sculpting and yet here we are! It's been a whole lot of fun working with her, a real joy, and she's the reason I can continue making caps with the same level enjoyment I had when I first started out.

We're currently casting from our condo in Las Vegas, Nevada that we just recently moved into and having a hell of a time! Despite what everyone thinks, living in Vegas is not all binge drinking and gambling. No one wants to drink til they're within an inch of dying everyday but I do admit it happens occasionally :eyes: It's a great place to be and we're enjoying it thoroughly despite the 100+ degree weather every single day!

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Instagram: @ko_caps