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About Us

Kō Caps is an artisan keycap brand run by Marshal, Hello Keroppi, and Erinn. As a team, we're hoping to make a quality product with the level of customer service that is expected of us. We are constantly improving to always meet the expectations of our customers and create a brand that can be trusted to handle your needs quickly and efficiently. It's truly a passion of mine to create keycaps for both customization of your personal keyboard or collection purposes. Keroppi and I enjoy the collecting aspect of our hobbies and love to see others enjoy our caps in the same way!

Currently based in Southern California, Keroppi and I make keycaps while Erinn Mallari  handles the bookkeeping and finances in order to break up the amount of work/stress imposed on each of us. We'll do everything we can to give you our very best and hope you enjoy our caps as much as we do!

Special thanks as well to our digital media creators who can be found here:
  • Brandon Diep
    • brandonjdiep224@gmail.com
  • Kris Garcia
    • IG @ab0veandaway
  • Mark Pascual
    • IG @mrk_pscl

To find more on Kō check out:

Instagram: @ko_caps

Discord: https://discord.gg/vE93kvjy9V